Monday, May 10, 2010

One of the Most Frustrating Playoff Series ever- Habs win to force Game 7

You could smell it after Letang's goal in the second. You felt as if the Pens could just get that elusive two-goal lead, the series would be completely in hand. No dice on that one. Utter frustration. The rest is history.

Entirely unnecessary recap:

First period was about what you would expect. You knew the Habs would come out on fire, and that they did. As seems to have been a theme in this series, Habs get a quick first goal by Cammalleri. More on that douche later. After the first goal, the play levels out until the Pens get out on the PP. It was just bound to happen. Crosby with a line drive that gets through Halak. Then came one of the more bizarre plays of the playoffs. Traffic around Halak, a Hab plays the puck into Halak, who barely even attempts to corral it, the puck squirts out to a waiting Geno Malkin who buries it top shelf.

But wait, some jackass blows a whistle because he lost sight of his balls.

That jackass was referee Marc Joanette, who hails from Verdun, Quebec. And Verdun happens to be a borough of?...Montreal. Just saying.

After you remove your splattered brains from your living room furniture, the period ends in a 1-1 tie.

For the most part, Pens fans will want to forget the second period ever happened. Letang rings one up on Halak a few minutes in, and the Pens are molesting Halak and all of his immediate family members for the first half of the period.

Then the walls caved in. As has been the case so often this series, the opportunistic Habs charge in on a 3 on 2, Talbot loses Cammalleri, who just unleashes a nasty backhand to beat Fleury far side. Series would be so over without that guy. The Habs come fast and furious, and bam, Spacek, who's been out all series with the clap, puts one by Fleury

Don't jump yet.

Second period mercifully ends, Habs get some crappy penalty that carries over.

Pens come out in the third with a successful kill. Doesn't matter, It just never shifted the momentum. Pens get a few opportunities, but never bury one. Maxim La-painintheass has an orgy out front and uncomfortably inserts one past Fleury. Barf City.

Time winds down, Pens pull Fleury. Gonch unleashes a shot from the point and Guerin does some ridiculous pirouette in front to knock it past Halak. Hope springs eternal.

Wait, did I say hope springs eternal? Well it doesn't. Pens lose.

If you think the series is over, you've never watched playoff hockey. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

Go Pens.

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