Wednesday, May 5, 2010

And there was Triumph and Revelry Abound!

Montreal played their game. Their 1-2-2 was suffocating. For a minute we all wondered if we were playing the Devils. If you made it to the second intermission without wanting to take a leap off of the 10th Street Bridge, you were in the minority.

Finally, one shot broke the monotony. It was just another mud powerplay until Malkin ripped a rocket that had it not hit net, would be halfway to Saskatoon by now.

That seemed to infuse a new life into the Pens. People started throwing bodies around, and for a 6 minute period in the third, Montreal threw whatever they had left at Fleury, who had undoubtedly his best game of the playoffs.

Would love to see those people who were calling for Brent Johnson after Game 2.

The Habs try to pull Halak for the extra man, but the Pens massive testicles prevented them from sustaining any pressure. Dupuis ends it with an EN.

Boom. Pens could choke the life out of the Canadiens with a win tomorrow. I would bring up the fact that they came back from a 3-1 deficit against the Craps, but then I remembered that the Pens have the Cup.

In other Pens related news, Staal skated for about 5 minutes yesterday. It is likely that he then left the ice to capture Osama Bin Laden and singlehandedly win the war in Afghanistan.

The 8 people in attendance at the Pirates game were able to see the Bucs pull out a 3-2 win. Andy LaRoche and Ryan Church with homers.

The Pirates record now stands at 11-15. They're still being outscored at a 2-1 clip. Someone please tell me how this could be.

The Staal picture at the end of last post will grace the end of every Pens pregame post, seeing as that afterwards, Staal took the ice, and the Pens ended up winning. You just don't mess with good juju.

Stay classy.

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