Sunday, May 16, 2010

Malkin Makes Pittsburgh Sportswriters go Insane.

It really only lasted 24 hours. We got a 24 hour reprieve after game 7 before people started the “Trade Malkin” talk. As if having to watch game 7 wasn’t crappy enough.

Pure idiocy. I would love to be in the room when Ray Shero reads these BS articles where sportswriters say the GM will “seriously consider all options” in regards to Malkin. If the LA Kings were to offer Kopitar, Frolov, Jack Johnson, Drew Doughty and an In-N-Out location in Pittsburgh, Shero may consider it. Otherwise, Shero is just flipping them off. Plus, if we were to get rid of Malkin, we would have to get rid of his girlfriend.

A huge loss for males in Pittsburgh.

Everyone loves to say “Well, Sid needs wingers, trade Geno and move Staalsy to 2nd line center.” If you’ve ever said this, do not continue to read this blog. Sid will ALWAYS need better wingers, until Ilya Kovalchuk and Marian Gaborik decide to play for the Pens for $1 mil a season. Till that day, Sid could always use “better wingers”, bite me.

Oh yeah, here’s another reason Malkin should remain a Penguin.


The Pirates go for the series sweep in Chicago today, continuing their extraordinarily (even by Bucco standards) enigmatic season. Most Pirate fans are now beginning to brace themselves for the July trade deadline to see what potentially great players the Pirates can get rid of this year. I’ve been a Pirate fan my whole life, and even I’m starting to lose hope.

That being said, this could be a fun end of the season once Pedro Alvarez and Jose Tabata make it up to the big squad.

Things remain quiet on the Steelers front, which is a very welcome sight after this hellish offseason. One of the big stories of this summer will be the Steelers draft class. Aside from Pouncey, who will start at guard and eventually become the every day center, there are a lot of question marks. Jonathan Dwyer could be a late-round steal, and there has been a lot said about the Steelers two receiver picks, Emmanuel Sanders and Antonio Brown. Hopefully there will be some positive news out of Steelers camp, news outside of Ben Roethlisberger.

Pirates play in 30 minutes.

Let’s go Pittsburgh


  1. March 4, 1991: Pittsburgh Penguins trade leading scorer John Cullen

    Penguins win cup.

    February 19, 1992: Pittsburgh Penguins trade perennial All-Star and future HOF defenseman Paul Coffey and 24 year old Mark Recchi, who led the team in scoring in 1990-91 and was third on the team in scoring at the time of the trade.

    Pens win the Stanley Cup, again.

    Craig Patrick was a master at figuring out what his teams needed to be better and went out and got it. Shero has proven to have a similar instinct in picking up Hal Gill and Gary Roberts two years ago and then Guerin and Kunitz last year. They got tougher and more experienced.

    I'm not saying I support it, and I think the only reason we're talking about it is in an overreactionary kind of way, but when you consider all the factors, Staal moving to the second line and prob being AWESOME there, the two or three players you would pick up in the trade, probably a star winger, solid defenseman and draft pick or young player, plus the financial flexibility of losing 8.7 million I will say that it is possible that trading him might make us better as a team. Tocchet, Kjell and Wregget were not better than Recchi and Coffey, not even close, but they made the team better...just saying.

    The funny thing is I would say that there's no way Shero does this considering his insistence on the 3-center system, but this is the guy that went out and got Hossa, and then got Poni this year (one of the bigger name wingers on the market) the guy has big brass ones, and I'm not about to try and predict what he does.

  2. These kind of blockbuster deals don't exist in the salary cap era (for the most part). Let's be real though: Cullen was NEVER, EVER as highly regarded as Malkin. I know Cullen was a high pick, but a high pick that only had a couple of good seasons. Plus, these were in-season deals. When you make a deal during the season, the advantage is that you know for certain what your weaknesses and strengths are, and can act accordingly. With the cap room that we'll already have once Gonchar goes, we can address the real issue: our defense. I would rather spend the money on a guy like Volchenkov, and then get a couple of decent wingers (Tomas Plekanec is a UFA, and could be in our price range).

    Malkin is a proven champion, you just don't trade those types.