Sunday, May 9, 2010

That'll do pig, Pens over Habs.

Let me just say, there is a reason that Montreal is still here in the second round. Some teams were built for the regular season, some were built for the playoffs. Montreal is a playoff team, no doubt about it. They don’t really have much star power, but they work extremely well as a unit. Let that be one last reprimand of those who said we should sweep this team.

On to the game itself:

Some good back and forth to start things off. It was refreshing to hear a crowd not yell for a penalty every time someone fell down. Right away, you realize that it’s going to be one of those games where Malkin is on PCP or something. Dude was just flying all night. Both goalies were solid for most of the first. But somebody had to break down the wall. Tang rips one from the point. Halak never has a chance.

Given the way Game 4 ended, probably the guy who deserved that goal the most.

What seemed like 10 seconds later, the period ends.

The second starts off with Kunitz in the box for some ridiculous reason. Not like it matters, Pens penalty kill is beast. A bunch of other crap happens for the first half of the second. Then all of a sudden, Orpik over to Gonchar:

Slapshot, 2-0 Pens.

At some point in the third, Josh Gorges decides enough is enough, it’s time to fake a penalty. Of course it’s Malkin to the box. Pens decide that Gorges is a douche, and kill the penalty. For most of the second half of the third, the Pens dictate the play.

Then the moment we were all waiting for, the phantom penalty. Dupuis goes to the box for grazing Brian Gionta’s hand.

When you’re about 4’10”, a love tap turns into a slash.

Montreal pulls Halak. Jacques Martin must have seen how well that strategy worked for Bruce Boudreau. Against all odds, Cammalleri puts one behind MAF. Or did Brooks Orpik’s skate do it. Who cares? Gotta say, this series may already have been over were it not for Mike Cammalleri.

Some action for the last 20 seconds. But Fleury had to get home to bang his girlfriend, so that was it.

Pens set themselves up win another series on the road. Let’s get it done.

Addendum: The Pirates won 2-0 last night. I feel bad essentially ignoring them because of the Penguins, because they’re playing some good baseball. Hopefully more on the Buccos this coming week.

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