Monday, May 17, 2010

LeBron's Mom Getting Plowed by Delonte West?

Okay, first let me explain how as a Pittsburgh Sports blogger, I can get away with talking about this. As a Pittsburgh Sports fan, it is our duty from birth to hate all things about Cleveland (exceptions being the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and former Brown Bill Cowher). When things are bad in Pittsburgh, we must find mockery elsewhere. Hello Cleveland.

We all thought that Cleveland was going crazy enough after their Cavaliers lost to the Celtics, leaving LeBron James’ future with the team in doubt. Then this bombshell: Reports are that Cavalier forward Delonte West has been sleeping with LeBron’s mother, and that LeBron found out during their series with Boston. Outstanding.

Delonte looking like a cross between the Terminator and the dude that played Screech in Saved by the Bell.

Now this has yet to be proven, but is looking like it is by no means out of the realm of possibility, which would explain why LeBron’s head may have been elsewhere in games 4-6. How do you play on the same court as a guy who’s banging your mom? If it’s true, it speaks to Lebron’s character that he didn’t try to dunk Delonte West.

Not much really going on here in Pittsburgh, Pirates lost the final game of their series against the Cubs, and play out in Philadelphia tonight and tomorrow. It remains to be seen whether or not the Pirates can steady the ship and start playing some consistent baseball.

Appropriately, I will leave you all with this:

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