Saturday, May 8, 2010

Game Five Preview: Pens vs. the Francophiles.

Shame on the 99% of Pittsburgh sportswriters who said Pens in 4 or 5 (Feel free to go back to the Post-Gazette/Trib/Whatever articles of a week ago). Clearly those people have no idea about playoff hockey.

Many will say that this is a must win for the Pens, and it's hard to disagree with that. Of course, these are the people who said Game 5 against the Red Wings was a must win

Just saying.

A win tonight would certainly help the series fall right into the Pens routine of apparently never finishing a playoff series victory at home. And it would most certainly be big. But if the chips were not to fall that way, it STILL won't be the end of the world. That being said, a Pens victory would certainly make tomorrow's post a much peppier one.

News and Notes:

Late word is that both Guerin and Rupp will be back in the lineup, with Ponikarovsky and Fedotenko out. The Ponikarovsky experiment may be reaching its painful, yet inevitable conclusion. Let it be known that two months ago I was positively ecstatic with this deal. Oops.

Jordan Staal will of course play. Andrei Markov and Jaroslav Spacek are both unlikely to suit up. Word is they'll be out on a date sharing some Tim Horton's and some french fries and gravy.

Prediction: Nah, forget about it. We'll just see what happens

A Staal for luck:

Let's go Pens.

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