Saturday, May 22, 2010

McCutchen is More Than we Bargained For

Given the promises of Chad Hermansen, Kris Benson, and countless other Pittsburgh Pirates draft picks, fans have become hesitant on these “can’t-miss prospects”. For the past several years, while in the minors, Pirates fans have wondered, “Really, how good is Andrew McCutchen?” Since his call up last year, Pirates fans are now wondering, “How long can we keep him around?”

The answer to that one is, as long as Bob Nutting wants people to come to Pirate games.

Not since the early 90’s have Pirate fans fallen so head over heels for a player. Truthfully, we haven’t had anyone good enough to make us feel that way. When you go to Pirate games in 2010, there is a far different energy to them. Many people go to games simply for something to do, but people are starting to attend just to see Andrew McCutchen. His style of play, pure ability and work ethic are something Pittsburgh fans are used to seeing on the other two Pittsburgh teams. He’s the leader this club has needed for nearly 20 years.

His contributions aren’t limited to the field. McCutchen is very active in the community, and anytime you go to a Pirate game, rest assured that Andrew McCutchen will be the last guy in the dugout, as he’s usually signing autographs for as long as he can. He’s not a Derek Bell or a Raul Mondesi, the type of player who never wanted anything to do with Pittsburgh. He’s a Sidney Crosby, someone who understood the team situation that he was drafted into, and has a genuine desire to build it into a champion.

The Pirates have been a joke in Pittsburgh for far too long. If the current ownership lets Andrew McCutchen go, the Pirates will be far worse than a punchline.

They’ll be history.

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