Sunday, May 30, 2010

Nothing going on, but updating anyways.

For Pittsburgh sports, it’s a quiet Memorial Day weekend.

The Pirates lost their 387th straight game. The kids will be called up in a couple of days, should be a lot of fun to watch them.

The Blackhawks beat the Flyers in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup finals. The inexperience and nerves of both young goalies were on display, as a total of 11 goals were allowed. If Game 1 were to be an indicator for the rest of the series, it’s going to be a damn entertaining one.

Unfortunately, continuing with sports news on the other side of the state, Phillies star Roy Halladay hurled a perfect game yesterday against the Florida Marlins. Perhaps even more amazingly, yesterday marked Halladay’s FIFTH complete game of the year. Oh, and by the way, it was just his 11th start of the year. Unreal. To put that into even more perspective, in 2010, Halladay now has pitched more complete games than any pitcher did in 2009, with the lone exceptions being Zach Grienke (6) and Halladay himself (9).

In other baseball news, Angels star Kendry Morales shows how quickly one can go from winning to losing.

Hope you get better soon, Kendry.

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