Friday, May 28, 2010

The Two Sides of the 2011 Winter Classic

In case you fell asleep at 6:30 last night and are just now waking up, the 2011 Winter Classic will be between the Pens and the Capitals at Heinz Field. This had been being discussed for some time now, and the decision shouldn’t really come as a surprise. As can be expected, not everyone is going to be happy about this decision, and rightfully so. In order to look at what the Pens v. Caps WC truly means, I will attempt to separate myself into a Penguin fan and a general hockey fan.

Pens Fan Kurt:

The NHL is the smartest league ever. 57,000+ screaming Pens fans? A once in a lifetime experience. I will do terrible, despicable things to get tickets to this game. The thought of watching Crosby v. Ovechkin in a driving snowstorm is so exciting that I may have to change my pants. This is going to be an instant classic, without a doubt the best and most competitive Winter Classic by far. The ratings and attendance will be through the roof. As a hockey fan, how can you not totally be in love with this idea?

To rebut, Hockey fan Kurt:

If I have to see one more nationally televised Pens-Caps game, I will hurl myself off the nearest building. I already have to deal with 3 of the 6 nationally televised games in February/March be the Pens-Caps, why do I have to watch one in January? How can this be the fourth Winter Classic and we’ve yet to see a Canadian team? Hockey fans would watch a Toronto-Montreal WC just the same. It’s unfortunate that the ratings have to define the teams that can play in the Winter Classic. The NHL is just beating the Crosby/Ovechkin rivalry to death.

Truth be told, this is basically how I feel about the 2011 Winter Classic. Of course I want to go, or at least watch it. I think it’s great for the city of Pittsburgh. But I can also see that from the perspective of a hockey fan, it’s tiring to ALWAYS see the Pens v. Capitals. It’s not fair to the other hockey teams, fans and cities that deserve the opportunity to host the Winter Classic. It’s not fair that the Pens have played in two of the four.

All arguments aside though, who can forget this?

Pens for the win.

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