Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pens Win, Bylsma Signs 3 year Extension; Humble Blogger Claims Responsibility

No more than 24 hours after my blog post explaining why Dan Bylsma should be Coach of the Year, the Penguins brass rewarded him with a three year contract extension. Clearly Shero and Super Mario read my blog. You're welcome.

Oh, and Mario, if you see this, I would love to join you in your luxury box for a game. I'm sure I could find time between my day job and touching myself to come hang out.

The best news to come out of this is that Bylsma can now afford a lot more of these bitchin fedoras.

Bylsma's Pens overcame an awful first period to beat the Sabres 3-1. James Neal and Zbynek Michalek went berserk, each with a goal and an assist. It was great to see this team play exciting hockey again, and Neal was at the forefront, playing huge roles on all three Penguin goals. You get the feeling that last night gave Neal a TON of confidence going forward.

Michalek must have blocked about 8000 shots. I didn't check the box score because I know I'm right.

Horrifying stuff in last night's Bruins-Habs game as Zdeno Chara rode Max Pacioretty into the stachion near the benches. Pacioretty was knocked unconscious, and this morning's reports say that he has a severe concussion and a possible fracture in his neck. Chara is due to have a phone meeting in regards to any possible discipline around noon.

We all wish Pacioretty the best in a speedy recovery.

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