Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pens Lose, Trevor Gillies' Mustache Strikes Again

If Trevor Gillies played on a team that didn't completely suck, he would be by far and away the most hated man in the NHL. Of course, Gillies wouldn't play on a team that didn't suck, because he contributes nothing but goonism. At least Matt Cooke has talent. Here's a video of Gillies' latest gem:

The hit itself is nearly a carbon copy of the Gillies hit that felled Eric Tangradi, only sans the fight and subsequent taunting.

The NHL should render its decision today. Gillies, although 32 years old, has only appeared in 15 NHL games. This leaves the possibility that if Colin Campbell comes down hard on Gillies, he may actually be suspended for more NHL games than he's appeared in. Ridiculous.

The Pens dropped another overtime game last night, falling to the Maple Leafs 3-2. Tough loss considering that Pens dominated the majority of the game. Big game from Matt Niskanen though, he's looking very comfortable within Bylsma's system. The return of Paul Martin and Tyler Kennedy provided a much needed boost, particularly Martin, who at times looked like the best player on the ice.

Apparently, Crosby is still battling symptoms from his January concussion. At this point, it's becoming more and more difficult to envision a 2011 return for Sid. The Penguins clearly know which side their bread is buttered on, and are unwilling to risk the long-term health of their biggest star for a Stanley Cup run this year. By all accounts, the Penguins have approached this situation with genuine concern and thought for Crosby's well-being. That should come as a shock to absolutely no one.

The Pens will finish out this 5 game road trip with big games against New Jersey and Boston. Boston is of course, leading the Northeast division and the Devils are playing like their balls are on fire (they've had a grand total of 2 regulation losses since January 9).

We should thank all major and minor deities if the Penguins can even pull 2 points out of the next two games.

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