Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How About a Kiss for Your Cousin Dupuis? Pens Win; Close on Flyers

I swear to God this is the only time I start a blog post with a Steely Dan joke (I'm probably lying).

This was clearly the highest scoring Pens-Devils game ever, and it was actually interesting to watch. Jordan Staal went berserk. Versus was effusive in their praise for Staal. I didn't realize he played 29 minutes in a game. That's beyond insane. Nice to see him get some well-deserved kudos. And by the way, Craig Adams' Mohawk is now 2-0. This could be the start of something fun.

For the first 30 minutes, MAF was just ridiculous. Pretty sure I wouldn't want any other goalie between the pipes right now. He's bound to steal a game or two in the playoffs, circa 2009. Pascal Dupuis netted two, including an empty netter. Dupes has very quietly put up 16 goals. What a player. He should totally change the spelling of his name to the pronunciation on KAL doo PWEE

No matter, It's just nice to beat the Devils.

The Pirates blew a 2-0 first inning lead to the Cardinals last night, losing 3-2, bringing their record to that number as well. Though I must say, through the first full rotation of the five starters, their numbers have been ridiculously impressive:

3-0, 2.85 ERA, with 3 Quality Starts.

If they pitch anywhere in the same stratosphere as this for most of the season (which may be the biggest assumption in the history of the world), this could be the start of something very interesting for the Pirates. I never would have pinpointed Evan Meek-whose ERA currently stands at about three touchdowns, 21.60-as the weak part of our pitching staff. Though the smart money is that Meek will turn it around.

Regardless, one has to be quite surprised by the early season Pirates. However, I've smelled this ass before. The April Pirates are usually fun to watch, it's once we get into June-July that we initiate Operation Shutdown (props to Derek Bell on that).

In another Pirates note, Huey Lewis and the News will play a postgame concert on June 11th. Huey deserves more respect. Show the love, Pittsburgh.

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