Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Report: Brett Favre to Retire (Again)

Indulge me for just this post, as I know it is not Pittsburgh related.

The Associated Press has released a report saying that Brett Favre will NOT return for the 2010 season. He has reportedly been in contact with the Minnesota organization, including his teammates, and has told him that his playing days are over. Rumors are abound that Favre's ankle injury is more severe than thought, and has not responded well to surgery.

This deals a massive blow to the Vikings, who now will rely on Sage Rosenfels and Tarvaris Jackson to quarterback the Peterson-led offense. The report comes as a great surprise to many, who believed that Favre was more likely to play in 2010 than he had been the previous two seasons. Considering the conclusion of Minnesota's 2009 season, an overtime loss to the eventual Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints in the NFC Championship, most prognosticators expected Favre would seek his revenge in 2010.

Apparently, it is not to be. If this retirement is, in fact, a retirement, Favre leaves the game holding most of the major passing records, and puts to rest the last true "gunslinger" in the NFL.

If this really is it, Brett, we were lucky to have you as long as we did.


  1. As a huge Packer & Favre fan, I was torn last season... Favre has been my favorite player for almost 2 decades, but there was no way I'd ever cheer for the Vikings.

    If this information is confirmed and he does retire... it's a sad day for many of us... but now he can return to Title Town and finally be honored by the Packers organization for all of his years of service.

  2. This is the one time that I actually believe he's done. If not, he's truly a sadistic human being for putting Vikings fans through this. He could have simply kept his mouth shut, showed up for work the first week in September, and it would have been fine. There was no buildup to this retirement as there was the last two, no "Favre watch". It simply came right out of the blue.