Friday, June 18, 2010

Ron Artest is Awesome

The Lakers won some kind of championship last night. Nobody from Pittsburgh gives a crap. Ron Artest did give 2 epic interviews though. Not gonna lie, I don’t care that he beat the crap out of some fans a few years ago, I think I love the guy. Really incredible stuff here.

Absolutely awesome.

The Pirates lost their 11th straight game. It’s starting to get tough to watch. The Tribe come into town tonight for a three game set.

Somehow Mike Yeo leaving to take an AHL job evaded me. Penguins will have to find another bald guy to run the power play.

Here’s a suggestion:

The NHL Salary Cap is looking to go up by about 2 million, which bodes well for the re-signing of players like Matt Cooke and Mark Eaton. The Penguins are in talks with Cooke, and will look to ink him before July 1st.

Now do like I told you yesterday and go watch soccer and golf.

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